An Overview of Alternative Criminal Sentences

21 October 2019
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If you are facing a criminal charge, then you should know that alternative sentences exist alongside the conventional one of incarceration. Many people find alternative sentences lighter than incarceration. This can be a huge deal for you if you want to plea bargain your case and get a lighter sentence.  Here are some of these alternative sentences. Probation If you are sentenced to probation, you will be given a sentence, but you won't serve it straight away. Read More 

What to Know When You’re a Victim of Crime in a Hotel

23 January 2019
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Usually, hotels do a good job of making sure that guests are safe during their stay. If a crime does occur against a hotel guest, the hotel must be ready to show that they did everything possible to prevent any harm done. That doesn't mean that hotels cannot be held responsible if you end up being the victim of a crime, however, so read on and learn more. Does the Hotel Ensure Safety for Hotel Guests? Read More 

When Your Car Crash Involves A Boat: What Your Car Crash Attorney May Say About It

10 October 2016
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Car crashes sometimes involve the weirdest situations and objects. Collisions with tractors, combines, buses, and even planes are not unheard of. Additionally, it is very possible to crash your car into a boat, which begs the question of what to do then. Here is what a car crash attorney might have to say about it. Crashing into a Boat in the Water Crashing into a boat in the water generally means that you first crashed through a bridge railing or that you plowed through a dock's gates before hitting the boat. Read More 

Medical Insurance Fraud And Consumer Fraud Whistleblowers

10 February 2015
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Whistleblowers are conscientious individuals who dedicate themselves to uncovering and reporting different types of fraud or illegal behavior in our society. The types of things that a whistleblower might address range from tax evasion to medical fraud to consumer scams. Two of the most important things that whistleblowers concentrate on are illegal medical insurance activities and consumer-based fraud. Medical Insurance Fraud Insurance fraud in the medical industry is the most common venue where whistleblowers operate. Read More 

Helpful Ways To Get Out Of Debt

15 January 2015
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Facing debt can be a crippling experience. It hinders your standard of living, making it hard to get by each day. If you are facing debt, you can take these steps: Have an Estate Sale In order to liquidate things in your home so that you can have some cash, you can have an estate sale. These sales are beneficial for many reasons. For one, estate sales can be run by professional companies. Read More