Moving Past Your Bankruptcy: Things To Know About Rebuilding Your Credit

29 December 2016
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If you are planning or in the process of a bankruptcy, you will need to know how to re-build your credit after the proceedings. While it will take time to re-establish yourself and get back on track, there are some things to keep in mind during the process. Rebuild your credit slowly and carefully after your bankruptcy: Some debts can't be discharged. When you file for personal bankruptcy, you will be asked about the debts that you want to have discharged, or alleviated. Read More 

3 BIG Factors In Your Immigration Efforts That May Mean You Will Need An Immigration Attorney

12 December 2016
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Taking the big step of choosing to move to a new country is a step that can be scary for sure. However, if you have no issues to worry about, obtaining a visa or green card to the United States is a fairly simple and straightforward process. The only issue is, not every individual who chooses to come to the US with a visa or green card will be the perfect candidate for the transition. Read More 

Considering an ERISA Disability Claim? Boost Your Chances of Success by Not Making These Mistakes

21 November 2016
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Becoming disabled is a life path that no one willingly chooses, but, for a large and growing segment of the population, disability has become a frightening reality. In fact, according to information from the United States Census Bureau, as many as one in every five Americans is now classified as having some type of disability. Thankfully, a sizable segment of these people can qualify for long-term disability from their employers through the Employer Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). Read More 

What Probation Involves

28 October 2016
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If you are sentenced to serve time on probation, it's vital to follow all the rules. If you have never had to experience this before, you should fully understand what it involves and how to use this experience to help you avoid committing more crimes in the future. What It Involves Probation normally lasts for one to three years, but it could last longer or shorter than this. You will be told how long your probation will last when the court tells you. Read More 

When Your Car Crash Involves A Boat: What Your Car Crash Attorney May Say About It

10 October 2016
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Car crashes sometimes involve the weirdest situations and objects. Collisions with tractors, combines, buses, and even planes are not unheard of. Additionally, it is very possible to crash your car into a boat, which begs the question of what to do then. Here is what a car crash attorney might have to say about it. Crashing into a Boat in the Water Crashing into a boat in the water generally means that you first crashed through a bridge railing or that you plowed through a dock's gates before hitting the boat. Read More