You May Be Entitled To SSDI Benefits Without Realizing It

6 December 2021
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When you are disabled and are unable to work, you will want to file for Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits as soon as possible. After all, you have been paying into Social Security, and this is what this program exists for. However, you may be reluctant to seek SSDI benefits because you believe one of several myths about the program. Don't Assume You're Not Qualified You might believe that you need to be disabled for up to a year before you can file for SSDI benefits. Read More 

Benefits Offered Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

26 October 2021
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Using bankruptcy to find relief from your debt problems might be the solution you need. You can find out by talking to a bankruptcy lawyer about your financial situation. If you qualify for Chapter 13, the attorney will help you learn what this branch involves, including the benefits. Here are some of the benefits your lawyer will tell you about if you want to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It Stops Foreclosures Read More 

Three Ways Of Looking At Marital Debt

20 September 2021
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As thoughts of divorce emerge, many couples wonder what will happen to the debts they owe. Debts may be handled in several ways, but states view marital debts in two main ways. Read on and find out what you can do to simplify matters and learn more about the three main ways of dealing with marital debt. Keeping It Fair and Simple You don't have to make things complex when it comes to marital debts. Read More 

Why Going To The Emergency Room Isn’t Enough After A Car Accident

13 August 2021
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After a car accident, you might feel like you were not very badly injured as a result of the crash. You may visit the emergency room and find that you did not suffer any obvious severe injuries. However, you will still want to see your doctor afterward. The emergency room is not equipped to assist you with aftercare, and your doctor will be better able to help you, especially if you plan on filing a personal injury claim. Read More 

What To Avoid After A Motor Accident?

13 July 2021
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If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, some careless mistakes could ruin your case. It is crucial you talk to an auto accident lawyer before you ruin chances of compensation. Here are things you should avoid after a motor vehicle accident. Failing to Call Law Enforcement Some victims in an accident do not call the police after an accident. It is normal to assume your car is in good condition and that the damage is insignificant. Read More